Questions To Ask When Placing A Child For Adoption

Posted on: 16 June 2017

For birth parents who have decided to place their children up for adoption, the process is just beginning. There are several steps that need to be taken between the decision and the child actually being placed with a new family. If you are considering adoption, here are a few questions to ask throughout the process.  

Is Open or Closed Best for You? 

In the past, most adoptions were closed. Closed adoptions basically meant everything about the birth parents would be kept confidential. There would be no contact between the adoptive parents and the birth parents. For some birth parents, this was the ideal arrangement.  

However, some parents wanted to be more involved with not only the adoption process, but their children's lives in the future. Open adoptions allow this to happen. With an open adoption, the birth parents' records are not sealed and the child will have the opportunity to learn more about them in the future. Depending on the adoptive parents and the arrangement that is made, the birth parents could even have some contact with the child while he or she is growing up. The adoptive parents could choose to provide updates about the progress of the child, including pictures.  

Before starting the adoption process, think about whether or not you want the option to interact with your child in the future. Once you have made a decision, you can select an adoption agency that handles the type you have chosen.  

What Should You Look for in Adoptive Parents? 

If you opt for an open adoption, you are actively involved in the process of selecting your child's new family. Selecting adoptive parents can be challenging, but if you start by listing some qualities you are looking for, you can narrow down your choices.  

It is important that you take into consideration how you want your child to be raised. For instance, if you want your child to be raised in the suburbs or country, you can narrow your focus to families who meet this qualification.  

You also need to think about the level of contact that you want to have with the child. If you want a family that is open to frequent contact, ask for families who meet this qualification. If you do not want contact right now, looking for families who are willing to allow contact at some point in the future is important. 

Working with an adoption agency, like Adopt Triad Consultants Inc, can help you with creating an adoption plan and finding the right family for your child.