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  • Questions To Ask When Placing A Child For Adoption

    For birth parents who have decided to place their children up for adoption, the process is just beginning. There are several steps that need to be taken between the decision and the child actually being placed with a new family. If you are considering adoption, here are a few questions to ask throughout the process.   Is Open or Closed Best for You?  In the past, most adoptions were closed. Closed adoptions basically meant everything about the birth parents would be kept confidential.
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  • Providing Family Medical History Is Important In Adoption

    If you are considering a closed adoption because you want the baby you are carrying to have more opportunities in life than you feel you are able to provide, it's a good idea to include a complete medical history as part of the adoption documentation. One of the reasons adoptees try to locate their biological parents is to learn their medical history. By providing this information up front, you can eliminate the possibility of being sought after in the future for medical history reasons.
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